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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:27

Catalogue edited by Dirk Snauwaert and coordinated by Caroline Dumalin,  co-produced by WIELS and Fonds Mercator/Mercatorfonds , including texts by Manuel Borja-Ville l, Charles Esche and Dirk Snauwaert. Design by Boy Vereecken, assisted by Antoine Begon.

EYES WIDE SHUT What the critics failed to see in Kubrick's

How does Tinker Tailor fit the pieces together? In general, the film adheres to common conventions of modern storytelling but then subtracts one or two layers of redundancy. The little gaps created make the film seem roundabout today, when rather linear and explicit narration is the norm.

The Best New Art Books of 2017: Modern and Contemporary

Do Ho Suh presents a video installation made of previous works in response to the architecture
of Christ Church Spitalfields, shown on a loop. The videos put forward the idea of transience
as both a sustained emotional state and an act of self-discovery. The works show dwellings
in which Suh, his family, friends and team resided, filmed as if they were located in a single
apartment block that continuously varies in style and structure. The video installation is placed
in the central space of the church’s nave, where a variety of architectural details are evident,
from Gothic to Classic architecture, to Venetian and Victorian stained glass windows
and Tuscan columns.

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art ()

Rachels argues that not only do we appreciate chess games as aesthetic objects, they are played / created with aesthetic goals in mind. James Rachels, "Chess as Art: Reflections on Richard Reti," Philosophic Exchange , 6989-5, vols. 65& 66, pp. 655-665.

That leads us up to today. But one big difference between where we are now versus where we were, even 65 years ago, is that throughout history their have been trends that get coined as an &ldquo Ism&rdquo like French Impressionism. But in our technologically driven- information age, there is no one style or idea that dominates the artistic landscape.

One obvious difference between art and games is that you can win a game. It has rules, points, objectives, and an outcome. Santiago might cite a immersive game without points or rules, but I would say then it ceases to be a game and becomes a representation of a story, a novel, a play, dance, a film. Those are things you cannot win you can only experience them.

In preparing this entry, I was much helped by James Schamus and Khaliah Neal of Focus Films. Thanks also to Jeff Smith and Kristin for conversations about the movie.

One factor contributing to the film’s difficulties, as many reviewers have pointed out, is that it’s adapted from a big and complex book. But it isn’t just the size of the original novel that poses problems. It’s the way the plot is constructed and the story is narrated.

Portraiture is much more than capturing a likeness of someone. It goes deep into our past like an underground river, resurfacing as our future. The artists and artworks I have chosen for the Portrait exhibition at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art add to a larger picture that is both a vision of our reality and a psychological reflection of what that reality is. I admire what these artists are doing – making images- which is a tradition and form of communication that is as old as humanity itself.

Interlude for a Summer Night is a performance programme that presents site-specific works by artists including H/D (Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser), Richard Melkonian and Gabriel Francisco Lemos at Arnold Circus, a public garden in the centre of the Boundary Estate in Shoreditch.  The performances will unfold in the Victorian bandstand, located in the centre of the Circus, and in its surrounding paths, creating a trail that invites the audience to move around the site. Looking at the architecture and historical context of the site through the lens of movement, sound and spoken word, the performances will be repeated three times on a rotating basis in order to reflect upon notions of liveness and reiteration.

Cave, you 8767 ll remember, had a show at the Chicago Cultural Center in 7556. I really wish I 8767 d been living in this city at the time so I could have seen it Cave 8767 s stuff is blowing my mind, and I need to know more about it, look at it up close and in person, watch the fur fly, so to speak.

Late-night opening event for Jimmy Robert’s European Portraits , which opened on 78 June marking the first anniversary of the Brexit vote. Exploring ideas of inclusion and exclusion, belonging and identity and how these are constructed, Robert foregrounds the physical division between PEER’s two gallery spaces in an installation that integrates a series of text portraits written by the artist and a new sound work by Ain Bailey.

In one of the earlier articles on the subject, Harold Osborne argues that chess can be considered an art form since it affords the possibility for the creation of objects of intellectual beauty. Harold Osborne, "Notes on the Aesthetics of Chess and the Concept of Intellectual Beauty," British Journal of Aesthetics , vol. 9, no. 7.

[8] Henry Jenkins, "Art Form for the Digital Age" ( Technology Review , September/October 7555) see also Henry Jenkins, "Games, the New Lively Art," forthcoming in Jeffrey Goldstein (ed.), Handbook for Video Game Studies (Cambridge: MIT Press).

Nel Aerts’ newest body of work derives in part from a residency at the Van Gogh house in the Netherlands. After finding herself “quite alone” for three months, she produced dozens of self-portraits showing her eating at a cafe, drinking at the bar, hiking in the mountains, or wandering around town by herself. Aerts has since developed a selection of these drawings into paintings  round, cherry-red curtains, jelly raindrops, pastel walls and an abundance of small, inviting clouds tempt us to imagine what varieties of fantasy the artist is able to achieve in her time alone.

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