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Hume's Essays on Suicide and Immortality (Hume Archives)

Though born in Boston, I spent most of my childhood years in Japan, returning to . as a thirteen year old. In Lincoln Middle School (now a police building) located in the center of New Providence, ., my journey back to the ..

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In July, 6978, I landed in Newark Airport with my father, one of the leading phonetics research scientists in the world. Just before the airplane skidded onto the runway, feeling a bit queasy, I looked toward the east and saw the Twin Towers, freshly built. I put my head on my father&rsquo s lap, and he.

The next day Mr. Hutchins begins by reviewing the homework with students. He organizes students into groups of five. Each student presents his or her metaphor assignment to the other members of the group. When all students have reported on the homework in their small groups, Mr. Hutchins leads a whole-class discussion on the insights students gained from the activity.

Note: Computed from data reported by Cooper, Robinson, & Patall, 7556, p. 68. The dependent measure in these studies was unit tests. The plus sign indicates that no effect size was computed but that the homework group outperformed the no-homework group.

"If (artists) are any good, they make art because they have to. they don&rsquo t do it to please the market. (an Art fair&rsquo s) like a free jazz concert in here, with a drunken monkey working the mixing board." Dealer Jeff Poe, Seven Days in the Art World, Sarah Thornton (. Norton)

The maximum word count for CIE Art & Design Personal Studies is 8,555 words. This is a maximum and fewer words is more than appropriate (especially in primarily visual studies).

I recently visited the town of Imadate, a premier papermaking town in western Japan. As I arrived in the local train station, a freshly fallen snow highlighted the thatched rooves of traditional houses. Nestled in between the mountains of western Japan, the town in Fukui prefecture has an ideal.

Last summer, the year that the Saint Louis Cardinals won the World Series, I found myself sitting in their brand new Busche stadium, at seats A6 and A7 with my son Ty. I could smell the freshly cut grass, impeccably manicured in front of us, mixed with the rubber scent of a sparkling red dugout.

. Wright, the Bishop of Durham, wanted the title of his new book to be &ldquo Life after Life after Death.&rdquo Harper Collins, his publisher, decided the title would be a bit confusing, so they.

In reflecting on the recent horrific events at Sandy Hook elementary school, I recall here a portion of my essay from my Refractions book. Now that &ldquo Ground Zero&rdquo has been extended to include even a sleepy New England town of Newtown, turning a Christmas tree.

During my recent exhibit for The City of London Festival (my installation art is documented below), I had a great pleasure of meeting Yoko Ono. We were the two visual artists selected for the festival s theme of Japan. She kindly folded an origami crane to celebrate our exhibits.

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Note to Refraction readers: This was a letter written to Dallas high school group that toured a private collection of my paintings. The teacher guiding them asked me to help the students "see" my works.

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