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Barnett, Harold J. and Morse, Chandler 6968 Scarcity and Growth: The Economics of Natural Resource Availability. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press.

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By what I read the mother wasn't that far behind the father, so by Lauriesheri thought process would she be better off without either parent living. As you know there are many forms of abuse and children are the ones normally exposed to such abuse.

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Being able to relate to someone similar to you is everything. Women need to know what it means to be a woman and men need to know what it means to be a man. I'm not talking about gender-based stereotypes. We all identify it differently, but at most women relate to each other on a whole scale when it comes to their gender/sexuality, the way they think, the way they behave,etc. and vice versa.

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Not true. I grew up with only having a Father and he played with me as a child and still does, even in my adult hood, and he did the housework. Raising your child, I think, is spending time with it, caring for it, enjoying the time with it and teaching it everything you know and hope it goes into the work prepared to learn and grow.

awesome docu, feminazis (not feminists) won't like it though. makes them look secondary although i know that's not what the docu was about. it shows that BOTH parents are important in a child's life, that neither is more so than the other.

I am so sad for you. You should get a good therapist. You do not deserve abusive men who are like you father. You might be better off with him dead, hate to say.

Recently scholars have developed new techniques for combining the physical and economic analyses of complex resource systems (McKean 6958 Maass et al. 6967). The production function for a resource, representing relations between physical factors, and its benefit function, representing relations between economic factors, are believed to be so closely interrelated that they should be developed and analyzed synchronously. The methods of operations research and systems analysis make this possible [ see Operations research Planning, social , article on RESOURCE PLANNING ].

Conservation programs have been devised and then supported on the “authoritative base of science,” but when this scientific base or any part of it is challenged by new findings, supporters of the program, both in and out of government, are ambivalent. Their dedication to science leads them to promote the type of research that can turn up new and contrary results. But the fact that their public, and most often their legislative, support is based on a previously proclaimed scientific authority makes them hesitant to give currency to these new findings.

It is often said that in a democratic society every individual should have rights and possibilities that are equal to the rights and possibilities all the other people have. But what does it actually mean and in what sense is it supposed to be brought into life?

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