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Profits often get in the way of doing the right thing. Large corporations should focus less on profits and more on developing meaningful ways of helping the disadvantaged.

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Personal interaction with objects, images and spaces can be so powerful as to change the way one thinks about particular issues or topics. For your intended area of study (art history, design, studio art, visual art studies/art education), describe an experience where instruction in that area or your personal interaction with an object, image or space effected this type of change in your thinking. What did you do to act upon your new thinking and what have you done to prepare yourself for further study in this area?

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Local government fails only when it lacks the backing of the federal government. The federal government should provide logistical and financial support to states and cities in order to enable them to govern themselves effectively.

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The theme of The Fountainhead , said Ayn Rand, is “individualism versus collectivism, not in politics, but in man’s soul.” How do the motives and actions of Roark, Keating and Toohey dramatize this theme? In your essay, consider what Ayn Rand has to say in these excerpts from her writings.

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Reflect on your unique background and tell us about a time when you had to relate to someone whose life experience was very different from your own. How did you approach the difference? If put in a similar situation again today, would you respond differently? If so, how?

You will introduce the subject in your introduction paragraph. Example: “Though both apples and oranges are a fruit, they have several differences, such as where they are grown and how they are processed.” Your opening statement should be general enough to follow it with the necessary information in the paragraphs to come. If you are too specific with your statement, there will not be any room for explanation in the body paragraphs.

We’ve been looking at each of the prompts, starting with the background story , followed by the failure , and ending with the beliefs and ideas prompt. Today we take a look at the “ place or environment ” prompt.

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Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, cuisine, interest, race, ideology, or intellectual heritage. Choose one of the communities to which you belong, and describe that community and your place within it.

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Advisor Access
Students who are working with an independent counselor, a community-based organization, or other outside college admissions advisor will be able to work with them in the Common Application just like they would with their school-based college counselor. This will allow independent counselors and other advisors to better work with students, have access directly within the Common Application, and give feedback on in-progress applications.

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