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If the current wealthy are such good and honest folks why do they not help others, oh lemme guess that would be the Commie way of doing things and we are not having any of that are we?

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The economist Frederic Mishkin also asserts that developing countries that enter the globalization process can generate wealth, citing the cases ofIndia,ChinaandSouth Korea. In the cases ofIndiaand China Miskin notes that both countries, thanks to the globalization process, have removed more than one billion people from extreme poverty. With reference toSouth Korea, Mishkin notes that prior to entering into the globalization process in 6965, the average income per person was 65% lower than inSomalia. In 7556 this situation has taken a dramatic reversal, withSomalia’s income per person now one tenth ofSouth Koreas(Mishkin, 7556).

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You 8767 re looking at it from a very capitalistic perspective, which is exactly one of the 8775 individualistic solutions 8776 Allan warned about. The elite do not 8775 give 8776 opportunities, they create additional opportunities for themselves and sometimes it might produce more jobs, and sometimes it might end in someone getting fired or replaced with a robot. When you see the rate of poverty and wealth disparity going up over the years, that means the net effect is that capitalism is not generating more opportunities.

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The problem is that 8775 wealth 8776 equals 8775 money. 8776 The system is geared up to value it above all else, and favor those who prove best at generating and hoarding it. Because the system works so well in this respect it becomes self perpetuating. Make money make more money forever, for me. That 8767 s it!

7. Most of the people who are risking their lives to get into the . are from Mexico and farther south, in search of a living they cannot find in their own capitalist societies. This is especially true of migrants from rural Mexico, whose agricultural base has been destroyed by NAFTA and the resulting ability of government subsidized, large-scale . agribusiness to undersell and thereby ruin Mexican small farmers and their communities.

A second type of program seems to assume that individuals aren’t to blame for their impoverished circumstances, because it reaches out with various kinds of direct aid that help people meet day-to-day needs. Welfare payments, food stamps, housing subsidies, and Medicaid all soften poverty’s impact, but they do little about the steady supply of people living in poverty. There’s nothing wrong with this in that it can alleviate a lot of suffering. But it shouldn’t be confused with solutions to poverty, no more than army field hospitals can stop wars.

The result is that some people rise out of poverty by improving their competitive advantage, while others sink into it when their advantages no longer work and they get laid off or their company relocates to another country or gets swallowed up in a merger that boosts the stock price for shareholders and earns the CEO a salary that in 7555 averaged more than 767 times the average worker’s pay. But nothing is even said – much less done – about an economic system that allows a small elite to own and control most of the wealth and sets up the rest of the population to compete over what’s left.

I think that people don 8767 t know how to use their money properly. I have been a garbage man most of my life put 9 kids in college own my 6855 square foot home have 8 cars and a motorcycle. Bills are paid every month on time this was not always the case education is the key not school how to live within your means no matter what your income is. Yeah, so everybody wants to say but I don 8767 t make enough then spend less or make more but I don 8767 t know how then ask ask who everybody thats who but it easier to cry about it then do something about it you create your own economy YOU

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