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Unfortunately, I do not know of any colleges that will combine SAT w/Essay with SAT w/o Essay scores. This creates a situation where even though most colleges do not require the essay most students are best advised to take the essay. This seems like over-testing that could easily be eliminated if colleges decided to superscore essay an non-essay results, but admission offices have not yet come around to that way of thinking.

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Hi Art. My son who is class of 7568 took the SAT w/o the essay, scored well at a 6965. He did take the essay with the ACT however got 87 composite and 65 on the essay (in the fall so using the new ACT essay score). If he 8767 s applying to one of the colleges that requires an essay, will the fact that he did take the ACT essay fulfill the essay requirement? Or will he HAVE to submit an SAT essay score too?

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ETS is pleased to announce our latest assessment of student learning outcomes &ndash the HEIghten ® outcomes assessment suite. This suite of computer-delivered, modular assessments enables you to tailor your student learning outcomes assessments by choosing the skills that match your institution&rsquo s goals and provides the actionable data you need.

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Stylistic or persuasive elements: Point out specific rhetorical devices that strengthen the argument and connect the author to the reader. Common examples are word choice, hyperbole, figurative language, rhetorical questions, and emotional appeals - devices that you've probably learned in school.

Contact an ETS Advisor today and learn how using the HEIghten outcomes assessment suite can augment your ETS Major Field Test data to help you tell a more complete story of student learning.

Institutions use the Major Field Tests to measure students' mastery of their chosen field of study, assess the effectiveness of major programs of study and improve curricula and student learning outcomes. Find specific information about each test in the Content section.

Sentence Completions: These questions often tested more difficult vocabulary, and it was difficult to answer correctly without knowing the definition of the word.

[ ] upcoming deadlines and recommendations. Here is a current site with all testing requirements. http:///subject-test-requirements-and-recommendations/. Below are specific requirements for several major [ ]

What are your thoughts on Spanish with or without listening. The November test date for listening forces students to take the test the fall of junior without completing a full year of Spanish 9. Georgetown uses the score for language placement. Should a non-native speaker bypass the November test date, complete Spanish 9, and take the test in June? I am a former Spanish teacher and looked at the practice tests. Having A full year of Spanish 9 is extremely beneficial. What are your thoughts?

Students typically take the Major Field Tests during their final year of study, after they successfully complete most of their major's required courses. The test is administered in a proctored environment using either the paper-and-pencil or the online version. Proctored off-campus administration is also available for online versions of the tests.

The new science passages will not be heavily focused on science. You won't need to know any formulas. You will have to know how to read graphs and understand their relevance.

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You have Georgetown University listed as required for both essay portions. However in the paragraph on page one it states:
8775 Other schools such as University of Chicago and Georgetown never adopted ACT Writing in the first place, ignored the original SAT essay, and will ignore the New SAT Essay. 8776
Can you clarify which is correct?

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