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Act in 'Romeo and Juliet' is a pivotal moment in Juliet's character development. Shakespeare manages to compress months of growing up into a single potent scene. Join James Evans as he explores Juliet's soliloquy from the beginning of this scene, and what it reveals about her coming of age, with Miranda Tapsell and John Bell from Bell Shakespeare.

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Find out why the 'age of steam' gave way to the 'age of petroleum'. Consider the Latin origins of the word 'petroleum'. Discover what the common source is of the different fuels that power cars, trucks and planes.

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Dodly is getting ready for a very special occasion tomorrow. How will he fill in his time? How long does he have to wait? And what is his special occasion? With Dodly, Flynn and the Flying GIrl, investigate different ways of measuring time and discover how to read analogue and digital clocks.

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In this early scene from Shakespeare's historical tragedy, Brutus and Cassius discuss Julius Caesar's right to rule. It acts as a prelude to the infamous conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. This performance by Hazem Shammas and Kate Mulvany of Bell Shakespeare reveals the persuasive power of language in Cassius' clever tongue - or should that be Shakespeare's?

A choreographed Cate Blanchett. Paul Kelly as Olympian god Atlas. These National Portrait Gallery digital portraits open up new opportunities for exploring a subject. The results are moving, eerie, humorous and revealing.

Can you replicate an unfamiliar 8D object? Challenge your understanding of transforming complex 7D shapes into 8D objects.|Choose one of a few complex objects to replicate. Match each part of it with a 7D shape, such as a cross, crescent or pentagon. Imagine that shape being spun around an axis or extruded. For example, spin a cross shape around its central axis to form a wheel-like block or extrude it to form a prism. Picture which 8D block your 7D shape will make before you try it.

Explore the seasons with these science games and videos looking at the cause and effect of seasons. These teaching resources are mapped to the Australian Curriculum for primary and secondary students.

These science experiments investigate and record the physical properties of common substances such as salt, detergent and cream.|See whether they float or sink, foam or dissolve in hot or cold water. Does stirring make a difference?|Test and identify three mystery substances in these science experiments.

When floodwaters reach Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre in South Australia, many species of waterbirds, including pelicans and the rare Banded Stilt, arrive to breed and raise their See why Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre was declared a national park and find out what happens to the birdlife once the lake dries.

A small percentage of tourists visit Australia in order to access medical services. Increasing the number of these tourists could potentially inject millions of dollars into the Australian economy. But does the hospital system get a 'clean bill of health' in terms of its capacity to cope with the increased demand?

We all know the importance of smoke detectors, but how do they work?|Burn some sausages in a kitchen to trigger the beeping sound of a smoke alarm. Look at a circuit diagram and magnified view to see how an isotope interacts with ionised gases within a circuit gap.|Test a range of isotopes to see which will work in the smoke detector.|Check the glossary if you'd like help with terms like isotope and ionisation and half-life. It also gives you important info about many isotopes.

How are you? When people ask you this question how do you respond? What do you think they want to know? Do you think it's possible for people to know how you are just by seeing your facial expressions and body language? See if you can communicate how you feel to a friend (you can make it up) just using facial expressions and body language!

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