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My answer is always the same: on the way home from the birthing center. We owe it to our kids heck, we owe it to all kids to get them outside.  Television has its place, but it is hardly an active, manly pursuit.  If the only injury children experience is repetitive motion syndrome from playing X-Box, our species is doomed.  We owe them scratches and summits and snakes, sunburns and sunsets.  We owe them an authentic life.

Amazing Primitive Camping off Kaiser Pass road in Sierra

They cook breakfast and dinner over a propane campstove (to make sure Dad doesn 8767 t smell like smoke at the conference). Lunch is cooked over the fire so my brothers can have that fun. While Dad is 8775 slaving away 8776 learning new music, Mom and the boys go beach combing, clam digging, swimming, bike riding, etc. The state park offers flush toilets and free hot showers.

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We saw the time and it was about 65:55 and we were a bit hungry too. We stopped at at a roadside dhaba and took a parcel of Aaloo ka Paratha as we did not wanted to sit and waste our time at the dhaba. We moved towards Roorkee at 66:65 pm and reached Roorkee exactly at 6:55 am. Without wasting our time we booked a hotel near Roorkee Bus Stand.

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Hi Josh, In June, I am planning on taking the family of four (older teens) on vacation. We have never been to California before. I was thinking of spending 7 days, flying into San francisco, renting a car, and driving down to San Diego. Is one week enough time? Is it best to drive the route north or south along the coast?

What do you think? Tell me about your experience or show me with a picture. Do you have ideas about other activities to add to your indoor camping adventure? Let me know in the comments below.

As an alternative to this meal plan, consider freeze dried or dehydrated camp food. The food is lightweight and eminently packable. And all you need to bring is a pot to boil the water.

Thanks for the message! Yes, LA would probably be the best spot to fly into for that itinerary. Sorry, I have neve been to the Etna area so I don 8767 t have many suggestions around there. I am sure the drive up that way along PCH would be great though as it would let you complete the whole PCH drive and you can just head over to Etna when you reach Eureka probably.

We were also given a dry bag where we could keep our belongings like Mobile Phones, Wallets etc. Unfortunately, we did not know about the dry bag, so we left our Mobile Phones and Wallet in the car.

The wife loves comping I don 8767 t. Needless to say we end up going camping a couple times a year. An air mattress is something I could absolutely not go with out.

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