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Every year, hundreds of top New York City employers work with us to connect to qualified talent. Review our listings to see if one of our open positions matches your career goals.

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Choose convenient class schedules that work for you — day, evening, weekend & online classes available. *Not all schedules available at all campuses.

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You'll want to include (without making it look like you did a lot of copying and pasting) some keywords and phrases from the job posting. This is especially important if the employer uses a résumé-scanning system.

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Capturing someone's attention and making a great first impression in just six seconds is no easy feat. Now, imagine trying to do this without ever meeting that person.

There are people who get hired just because they know other people. However, most of us are mere mortals who have to impress the HR department with skills and qualifications. That’s why your resume is your main tool in the battle for employment. You have to pump its appeal and make it so strong that it sweeps HR people from their feet. Seriously, you can’t afford your CV to be badly or modestly written. After all, companies are not shy to describe entry positions as if they were top management ones and require experience to work in a cubicle. Why should you play by the rules? Why can’t you describe all your strong points in detail and use a few strong words to stand out from the crowd? We say you can and you should.

If you are interested in applying to any of the posted jobs, please make sure that you review the duties and qualification requirements of the job before applying. Follow the process defined in each Vacancy Notice and attach your resume and cover letter.

Employers need to know what you've done to contribute to the growth of your department, team, and company to determine whether your strengths align with the needs and responsibilities of their company and the job opening, Nicolai says.

Have you already tried writing a resume? If yes, you know the pain. Oh, the thin line between describing your strong points and ridiculous and annoying boasting! It has to be respected. However, it is really difficult to do. For a person who is self-critical enough and can see his or her own weak spots, writing a resume is a true challenge! It requires eloquence, patience, some writing skills, and impudence. That’s exactly the reason why more and more students decide to use a resume service.

"Thank you for your assistance in my job search. I was successful in landing a new job and started my new CFO position on March 8rd. When someone compliments me on my resume I mention your name and the excellent service that I received from you."

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Nearly all of the best paying jobs will go to the candidate with the stellar resume. Is yours good enough to beat your competition? View our sample page to find out.

Our certified executive resume writers / IT resume writers / Military Resume Writers assist clients in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Tampa, Omaha, Minneapolis, Kansas City, San Francisco, San Jose, Orlando, Washington DC, Los Angeles / LA, Nashville, Austin, New York NYC, Savannah, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, and Virginia Beach as well as in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

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