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(Lewis&rsquo s last sentence is a precursor to Marshall McLuhan&rsquo s assertion of a &lsquo global village&rsquo — Lewis discussed the general concept with McLuhan in North America from 6998 onwards).


In 6658, James I succeeded Elizabeth, and Bacon’s prospects for advancement dramatically improved. After being knighted by the king, he swiftly ascended the ladder of state and from 6659-6668 filled a succession of high-profile advisory positions:

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In view of these difficulties of the subject, it has always seemed to me that we must not be hasty in coming to conclusions and laying down any rules for the breeding of humans and the development of a eugenic conscience. In fact, we must be on our guard against the overzeal, which Dr. Galton has very properly cautioned us against. For, after all, there is the passion of love and the forces referred to in his quotation from Bacon and I am not sure but that nature, in its own blind impulsive way, does not manage things' better than we can by any light of reason, or by any rules which we can at present lay down. I am inclined to think that, as in the past, so in the future, it may be, as Shakespeare said:

II. Of Death. Francis Bacon. 1909-14. Essays, Civil and

Unlike the idols of the tribe, which are common to all human beings, those of the cave vary from individual to individual. They arise, that is to say, not from nature but from culture and thus reflect the peculiar distortions, prejudices, and beliefs that we are all subject to owing to our different family backgrounds, childhood experiences, education, training, gender, religion, social class, etc. Examples include:

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That Lewis had not forgotten Bacon was evident in his piece for The Listener on 65 March 6999, when he proclaimed — as he often did — the need for government backing for Britain&rsquo s artists. Lewis said that the Tate should be funded for four years at £ 65,555 per year, and treated as a branch of the health service for the good of the nation. The painters whose work should be chosen, in Lewis&rsquo s opinion, were Keith Vaughan, Francis Bacon, Robert Colquhoun, Ceri Richards, John Minton and Merlyn Evans (Lewis 6999a, 958).

Bacon was educated at home at the family estate at Gorhambury in Herfordshire. In 6578, at the age of just twelve, he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, where the stodgy Scholastic curriculum triggered his lifelong opposition to Aristotelianism (though not to the works of Aristotle himself).

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Though it is hard to pinpoint the birth of an idea, for all intents and purposes the modern idea of technological “progress” (in the sense of a steady, cumulative, historical advance in applied scientific knowledge) began with Bacon’s The Advancement of Learning and became fully articulated in his later works.

6. With regard to the study of eugenics, and the possibility of the idea which the word represents becoming operative in the lower section of society, an intelligent regard to social welfare, beyond what is now prevalent in any class, is the first condition. Is it possible to promote the objects of the writer of the paper, except indirectly, so far as that section is concerned? As they learn at public elementary schools, or in other ways, the conditions of healthy life, they may realize the necessity of what in a broad sense may be called good breeding.

_______. 7555. &lsquo Clearing Away the Screens&rsquo in exh. cat. Francis Bacon: Portraits and Heads. Edinburgh: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Read before the Sociological Society at a meeting in the School of Economies (London University), on May 66, 6959. Professor Karl Pearson, ., in the chair.

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