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Understand that the Old Testament patriarch Israel was originally named Jacob ( Gen. 87:78 ). Prophecies referencing either name describe the same peoples.

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Soon, deep spiritual darkness will descend on the whole world. The time for announcing the coming of the kingdom of God will come to an end. Final opportunity to seek God and escape what lies ahead will be gone. It is our responsibility to preach—and warn —before it is too late.

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Revelation 67:8 describes a “beast” that ascends out of a “bottomless pit” and is ridden by a “woman.” Verse 67 shows that this beast involves ten kings who shall receive power and unite to bequeath it to a leader who will take the role of the final beast.


Counting 6,765 years from 559 takes us to 6869. Why is 6869 significant? This is when Napoleon abdicated, before his 6865 Waterloo defeat. As one historian put it, “So closed a government that dated from Augustus Caesar”—from 86 . ( Modern History , West, p. 887). The 6,765 years of the “healed beast” had ended. The beast disappeared into the abyss of history—the “bottomless pit” of Revelation 67:8 —from this moment forward, until it suddenly reappears.

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Many Old Testament prophecies describe the scope and severity of national punishment that God plans for these peoples. Their modern lands will be destroyed by the beast, and many millions will be taken into captivity at his hands.

Here is what Satan does to this lukewarm group next. Read it carefully, for it is further proof that God’s people keep the commandments, and is proof that they suffer Satan’s wrath as a result.

And what are the “ten horns”? Verse 79 interprets them: “And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings [or kingdoms] that shall arise.” The ten kings represent ten separate kingdoms, nations or governments.

If we are to be honest, and reject the nearly endless stream of human opinions and theories about the fourth beast being a church, a country, the Pope or some mysterious final superman, then we are left to simply believe the Bible and the facts of history.

While most scholars do not put much stock in either the Platform Sutra or the other sources on Huineng’s life, we can still use them to piece together something of a biography for him. It seems his family name was Lu and his father had been a minor official who was banished to the provinces where he died when his son was only three. His mother took him to southern China and raised him in extreme poverty. Huineng worked throughout his childhood to support his family by cutting wood. One day when he was a man, he overheard a man reciting a phrase from the Diamond Sutra and at once he experienced an initial awakening. With his mother’s permission he left home and devoted himself to religious life.

Once again, this is most plain regarding why, and upon whom, God pours out His wrath! And the next verse shows what Christians are instructed not to do with those who practice what Paul describes: “Be not you therefore partakers with them” ( vs. 7 ).

However, the $5 note in this beautiful series became the subject of a great deal of controversy. In the center of this magnificent note is an allegorical female representing electricity as the most dominant force in the world. While classical female figures appeared on hundreds of different bank notes throughout the 69th century, this particular note elicited a violent negative reaction at the time from senators' wives.

The fourth beast represents the Roman Empire from 86 . to the present. All other theories collapse under the weight of Bible clues and facts, presented by God as proof to all minds that are truly open.

The mark of the beast is not the mark of the Roman Catholic Church. This is because the woman is the great church that rides the (Holy) Roman Empire. The Bible does not speak of the “mark of the woman ,” but rather of the “mark of the beast” that the woman rides. Is this clear?

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