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Early marriage is advantageous because it offers permanent family support to the couple from an early age.  This helps the couple to enjoy mutual development in life. When one enjoins to another person in marriage, he/she is determined to support it towards achieving their goals. Progress becomes crucial for both of the partners since they have shared needs and experiences.

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Upstairs, overhead, some one moaned or laughed. I listened. Soon afterwards there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs. Some one came hurriedly down, then went up again. A minute later there was a sound of steps downstairs again some one stopped near my door and listened.

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Other heath conditions that are associated with smoking are lung diseases. It has been established that smoking highly increases the chances of contacting long term lung conditions such as Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. These are diseases that affect the breathing functionality of the lungs commonly referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Evidence comes from research. In your assignments, the evidence for your claims will mainly come from the work of other scholars in the field. In your dissertation, it is likely that you will carry out empirical research yourself. Then, you will have two sets of claims and two evidence bases:

Notwithstanding, herein there are still concerns in light of Professor Fawcett’s suggestion that a hybrid human rights/international private law approach should be taken such that Article 6 concerns should be identified first, taking into account ECtHR jurisprudence, and thereafter it should be for the flexible second limb of Spiliada to apply to resolve these issues. Fawcett concedes that the same result will be achieved in most cases, yet suggests that there may be borderline cases where this solution would work better and human rights concerns will have been taken more seriously.

The dissertation is usually about your own research, not a given question/topic, and therefore the structure includes chapters such as ‘Research Methodology’, ‘Findings’, and ‘Discussion of Findings’. The structure of the dissertation is discussed in section 7.

While he is with me I can never shake off the thought, "It's possible when I die he will be appointed to succeed me," and my poor lecture-hall presents itself to me as an oasis in which the spring is died up and I am ungracious, silent, and surly with Pyotr Ignatyevitch, as though he were to blame for such thoughts, and not I myself. When he begins, as usual, praising up the German savants, instead of making fun of him good-humouredly, as I used to do, I mutter sullenly:

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