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In text, use a few words of the title (in italics), or the whole title if it is short, in place of an author name in the citation: ( Psychological effects , 6999).

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As you can see, only include the first author’s name. The other authors are accounted for by using et al. In Latin, et al. is translated to “and others.” If using Citation Machine’s MLA cite generator, this abbreviation is automatically added for you.

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Imagine how difficult it would be to understand the various components of a source if we didn’t all follow the same guidelines! Not only would it make it difficult to understand the source that was used, but it would also make it difficult for readers to locate it themselves. This streamlined process that MLA created aides us in understanding a researcher’s sources.

Believe it or not, besides MLA, there are thousands of other types of citation styles. While MLA is most often used for the liberal arts and humanities fields, many other subjects, professors, and schools prefer citations and papers to be styled in MLA format.

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In this article, I will show you how to cite books using the American Psychological Association (APA) citation system. The APA style has two inseparable components: in-text citation and reference list. In-text citation, by its name, is included within the body of a document. On the other hand, the reference list is found at the end of the document with the complete information about the source. The in-text citation is meant to direct the readers to the right source in the reference list.

From the section above, you can see that titles can stand alone or they can sit in a container in MLA formatting. Many times, sources can sit in more than one container. Wondering how? When citing an article in a scholarly journal, the first container is the journal. The second container? It’s the database that the scholarly journal is found in. It is important to account for all containers, so that readers are able to locate the exact source themselves.

Was the source found on social media, such as a tweet, Reddit, or Instagram post? If this is the case, you are allowed to start the MLA citation with the author’s handle, username, or screen name.

Citations should be made to the print source unless an electronic source is designated the official version (then for Internet and online sources use Citation, URL. or if it is from a commercial electronic database, use Citation (Name of the Database).).

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