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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:57

Thanks for the helpful comparison. One thing I’ve been trying to figure out on all these themes: are the designs/page templates you create with them separate from the theme files so that they are not overwritten by updates? Or should I still create a child theme and then go about creating customizations?

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Have you tried to use the ShareBar plugin, they 8767 ve been trying to fish that for a while and it still doesn 8767 t work. FaceBook continues to fail to appear at all.

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Outstanding writeup! I have 8 blogs/sites and currently use Brian Gardner 8767 s on 9 and Chris Pearson 8767 s Thesis on 9 so I 8767 m completely familiar with each. In a perfect world, I could get everything I need for AlL of my sites from ONE theme but, as it is, certain niches seem to fit with certain themes better than others.

Me: 8776 I am a current Ultimatimul Pro license holder and I see that there are many forum posts which don 8767 t have any kind of answer posted by your team, and they are even 6-7 months old! Also, the new versions are released very rare, considering the bugs reported on the forums.
What is your general opinion on this subject?
Thank you. 8776

Other things I look for are recommendations and where the company is located, and will they still be around in a year or two. Like I say, I am not into coding and so maybe the things I am looking for are not relevant to most of your potential customers.

Thanks Mark, I just looked, but their themes are way out of my financial league For now, I 8767 m using Genesis and StudioPress child-themes, which I can more easily modify as there aren 8767 t many css files you need to edit. Everything is very contained and clear. That 8767 s not to say I wouldn 8767 t like to have a 8775 deconstructor 8776 !

I also took a look at BeaverBuilder and looks quite good but how 8767 s the integration with Woocommerce? Is it free or do you have to get it separately?

While nothing suggested responsiveness, you did have the ability to attach a custom CSS class to everything, which would let someone else go in there and do that. But not the target end-user of a drag & drop theme.

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