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Joint Family: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Joint Family System: Essay on Joint Family System in India

Six years passed like that. My mother would some time go to my brother's house and stay there for a few weeks. But my brother's wife would bluntly ask us when we were sending for her.

Essay on joint family vs. nuclear family system

In the joint family, the head considers it as his privilege to arrange the marriages of the members. The individual 8767 s right to select his/her life-partner is undermined. The members rarely challenge their decisions and arrangements. But now-a-days, the feelings of ones are being given due weightage.

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The family head takes care of the entire family. Any member who brings in extra money has equal status. Hence, the joint family puts into practice the concept: 'To each according to his needs, from each accord to his abilities." The idea is socialistic in character.

I thought matters would improve for Shanti now that we had a smaller family-though still joint and there were only two women in the house. Curiously, it worked the other way. I found that it was easier for four women to live under the same roof than two.

In such form of families, the son doesn 8767 t distant himself after getting married. Instead, he lives with his wife and children in the same house along with his other family members.

The entire household shared a common kitchen. My great-grandmother decided the menu and distributed the cooking of dishes or making of rotis amongst her daughters-in -law. Her own specialty was making sweets. Besides that, her main job was to find fault with the dishes cooked by her daughters-in-law. The utensils were washed by the daughters-in-laws by turn. Each of the two sons got a fixed amount of expenses of their respective families. My great grandfather met the common expenses.

6. Joint family system encourages idleness. When everyone knows, that as members of a joint family, he will be supported by others, he may not try to earn his livelihood. The incentive to work is absent. The members of such family become irresponsible, indolent, and stay-at-home in habit.

The joint family has a number of advantages. However, it does not always work. When many people of different mentality and disposition live under one common roof, negative human traits are bound to crop up. Members then have a tendency to stress on their rights and ignore their duties. When this kind of attitude prevails, the atmosphere is not conducive to peace and harmony.

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