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Like everyone else, facility managers are accustomed to rapid advances in technology in their personal lives. Nowhere is that more true than with mobile devices, where apps and operating systems are

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Bruce Wisan received one of the toughest assignments ever thrust upon an accountant: to take control of the assets (and by proxy, followers) of the polygamist Mormon breakaway sect, ., after their prophet, Warren Jeffs, went on the lam and their compound was raided.

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Coblin, reconstructing the Pai-lang pronunciation as * gljung , suggests that it derives from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *kl(j)u(ŋ/k) ( “ river, gorge ” ) and retains its consonant cluster, which was lost in Proto-Lolo-Burmese. Compare Tibetan ལྗོངས ( ljongs ) , Chinese 谷 ( OC *kloːɡ ).

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From Proto-Sino-Tibetan *m-bru(ŋ/k) ( “ dragon thunder ” ). Cognate with Tibetan འབྲུག ( 'brug , “ dragon thunder ” ). The STEDT database also lists 隆 ( OC *ɡ·ruːŋ , “thunder sound of thunder”) and 雹 ( OC *bruːɡ , “hail”) as cognates. Also compare 靐 ( OC *brɯŋs , “sound of thunder”) and 霹靂 (“thunder”).

This word is found in many languages of the region. Compare Proto-Hmong-Mien *-roŋ ( “ dragon ” ) ( White Hmong zaj ), Proto-Vietic *-roːŋ ( “ dragon ” ) ( Vietnamese rồng ), Vietnamese thuồng luồng ( “ serpent-like monster ” ) , Khmer រោង ( roŭng , “ year of the dragon ” ) , Thai มะโรง ( má-roong , “ dragon year of the dragon ” ) , Lao ມະໂລງ ( ma lōng , “ year of the dragon ” ) , perhaps also Old Turkic *-lan ( “ suffix denoting a wild, predatory animal ” ) ( Turkish aslan ( “ lion ” ) , kaplan ( “ tiger ” ) , yılan ( “ snake ” ) ).

“LONG has skilled specialists who can address specific critical issues with each part of our system. The depth of their team helps to keep our systems running efficiently. I expect that as we continue to work together, that we will be able to make our systems run even better and more efficiently.”

Elong is a certified ticket provider by China Air Transport Association, offering national and international discount tickets, flight information, query and booking service.

You can use as long as or so long as to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true. For example, if you say ' As long as you are under 66, you can take part in activities', you mean 'If you are under 66, you can take part in activities'.

The text of the Arduino reference is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Code samples in the reference are released into the public domain.

A pregnant woman named Laci Peterson disappears, her husband begins to act strangely, and one of the largest media circuses in history descends on the sleepy community of Modesto, CA.

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Don't use 'as long as' when you are talking about distances. Don't say, for example, ' I followed him as long as the bridge '. You say 'I followed him as far as the bridge'.

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