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Read Jeffrey Tayler's "The Sacred Grove of Oshogbo" (first published in The Atlantic Monthly , used with permission) and try to determine exactly at what passage in the text do you become aware of the point of Tayler's essay. Take note of the rich detailing of the forest, the caretaker, and the minister from the city and try to describe how the details lend themselves toward the purpose of the article. Another Atlantic essay, Jeff Biggers' "Searching for El Chapareke," 656 filled with wonderful details of a remote town in Mexico 656 is also available here.

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8775 Communication is a continuing and thinking process dealing with the transmission and interchange with understanding of ideas, facts and courses of action. 8776 George R. Terry

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Some like an emotional appeal, some an intellectual or scientific. That is why advertisement of a food product says: 8775 Taste may be the reason, vitamins the excuse or vice versa. 8776 This is a clever device to attract all kind of consumers.

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The management must understand what is creating 8775 noise 8776 or barrier to communication. It has to take steps to remove the barriers. For example, the audience may not be properly introduced to the credentials of the speaker. Or at the time of receiving a message the receiver may be closed or hostile to the sender. It is necessary to set the stage for the communication.

If the acronym POSDCORB as summarized by Luther Gulick in the Formal Organization Theory is adopted and effectively carried out, the Board, being a viable instrument for the implementation of the curriculum, will discharge their functions with efficiency.

In order to fulfill its statutory functions which is aimed at providing secondary education in all the state in Nigeria, the Board has as its mission to:

Directing: It is the continuous task of making decision and embodying them in specific and general orders, instructions and serving as the leader of the organization.

This includes all alert bystanders who see a message conveyed and, if necessary, react favorably or otherwise. Woman activists, as a watch dog audience, may object to some posters.

The Shannon and Weaver model was used in India 8767 s planning of communication. It was considered that encoding and decoding are the vital acts and need the most attention.

Furthermore, education improves the development of any society hence, the need for the educated one’s to occupy significant positions in order to improve the society.

Another notable benefit of technology is that it have enabled doctors to discover most health problems while they are still in the developing stages, and have treated them before they can develop into severe stages.

8775 Communication is the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc. by the use of symbols, words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc. It is the act or process of transformation that is usually called communication. 8776 Berelso and Steiner

President Bollinger recently announced that Columbia University along with many other academic institutions (sixteen, including all Ivy League universities) filed an amicus brief in the . District Court for the Eastern District of New York challenging the Executive Order regarding immigrants from seven designated countries and refugees. Among other things, the brief asserts that “safety and security concerns can be addressed in a manner that is consistent with the values America has always stood for, including the free flow of ideas and people across borders and the welcoming of immigrants to our universities.”

Exploratory examination involves a wide mixture of fields running from the investigation of diverse extensions of science to generally exceptional fields like space investigation, human hereditary qualities and cloning. Logical study endeavors to investigate and comprehend the working of the physical world. It tries to break down the events in nature and increase learning about nature through experimentation. As exploratory exploration goes for picking up learning of the complexities of nature, it is essential for the advancement of humankind. The apparently unimaginable accomplishments have been made conceivable, because of the experimental examination.

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