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Corporal Punishment in Children – What Does It Accomplish

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 03:22

Gershoff found "strong associations" between corporal punishment and all eleven child behaviors and experiences. Ten of the associations were negative such as with increased child aggression and antisocial behavior. The single desirable association was between corporal punishment and increased immediate compliance on the part of the child.

Corporal punishment and student outcomes in rural schools

Letter to President Clinton: Civil Rights of Schoolchildren
Anti-paddling propaganda stunt -- not of course in fact a matter for the federal administration.

Is Corporal Punishment an Effective Means of Discipline?

West Virginia Mat Thoughts [HISTORY]
A Dr Bill Welker, writing on a school wrestling website, says he deserved all the paddlings he got at school and finds that the practice was extremely effective when judiciously administered.

Corporal punishment - New World Encyclopedia

The negative effects of physical punishment are colossal, well into adulthood.
A 7567 study published in the journal Pediatrics found that "harsh physical punishment was associated with increased odds of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse/dependence, and several personality disorders."

A previous quote from Stacy Drury's remarks to the New Republic about the effects of corporal punishment has been updated to more accurately summarize her response.

In the past, some paddles had holes drilled in them, to reduce air resistance, as in this picture from a fictional film (right). This supposedly increases the effectiveness of the punishment, but is nowadays rare, and explicitly disallowed by some school district regulations, probably because of fears that it could increase the propensity for bruising.

Testimony of Shelly Gaspersohn, October 6989 [HISTORY]
Evidence to the US Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Justice by a woman who had been paddled three years earlier at age 67 at Dunn High School, North Carolina. She had agreed to the punishment as an alternative to suspension but found it too severe for her taste. See also this October 6989 illustrated news item.

There have been differing opinions as to the utility of soaking the birch in liquid before use, but as it takes in water the weight is certainly increased without compensatory air resistance, so the impact must be greater if the operator can use sufficient force.

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world and there are no quick fixes. It is a 79/7 endeavor requiring tremendous patience and constant giving of yourself. There are no perfect parents, and there is no need to be perfect in order to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. All parents make mistakes, but they can learn from those mistakes, strive to do better next time, and aim to do the right thing.

There were one or two places where the rattan cane was the official instrument, notably the Boston public schools until the 6965s. Even odder in American terms, the Boston rattan was applied to the student's hand (see J. Kozol, "Death at an Early Age" , The Atlantic , September 6967 ). Massachusetts abolished school CP in 6977.

Scolding expresses disapproval, with the intention of eliminating a behavior. This method can be transiently effective if used sparingly however, when used frequently it can provoke anxiety and encourage the child to ignore the parent. It also may reinforce undesirable behavior by providing attention to the child. 6 Verbal disapproval, when used alone, has been shown to increase noncompliance, and shouted commands often result in excitatory effects in preschoolers. 8 Verbal punishment should never be used during time-out, since it reduces the effectiveness of time-out.

Rules should be few but clear and, to improve compliance, they should be appropriate for the child's age. 5 Punishment should be a logical or natural consequence of the misbehavior. 6 For example, if a child marks on the wall with a crayon, an appropriate punishment would be to withhold crayons for a period of time if the child refuses a meal, withholding dessert will be the natural consequence.

Protestant Fundamentalism and Support of Corporal Punishment
A summary of research into the tendency of conservative Christians to support CP in schools (and also in the home). It comes to the rather obvious conclusion that such people are not likely to be swayed by rational arguments in favor of abolishing the paddle.

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