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Racism is apparent in the scene from its inception. The duke, who is in pretrial conversation with Antonio, calls Shylock "a stony adversary, an inhuman wretch,/Uncapable of pity, void and empty/From any dram of mercy" (ll. 9-6). Shylock's inhumanity stems from his religion, and the implication throughout the scene is that, if Shylock were Christian, he would be more "human." This idea is continued by Antonio when he begs everyone to stop pleading with Shylock:

Racism in The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare Essay

Nobody has reported this to responsible authorities for fear of reprisals as he is very senior and is in good books with the owner of the bank Hitesh Anadikat.

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However, racist treatment is merely the surface of Shylock's dislike. During his aside in Act I, scene iii, Shylock mentions the deeper reason for his hatred of Antonio: "But more, for that in low simplicity/He lends out money gratis and brings down/The rate of usance here with us in Venice" (ll. 89-96). Although Shylock's racism does affect his impression of Antonio, it is clear that Shylock is more concerned with Antonio's effect on his business. This is consistent with his reaction to events later on in the play. Shylock's resentment of Antonio's business dealings and religion lead him to thoughts of revenge in this scene, before the means of.

"which is the way to master jews" "the dog jew" The second quote was Solanio be racism to all jews not just is also remarks on the Christian nationality. this is said by Shylock, they all use terms like this more then once. "Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats, The prodigal Christian" The price of Morocco used racism but in a different way to everyone else. Alienation prejudice and hatred the jews of these indignities at the hands of Christian bigots, but jew are not the only victims. In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare uses the Prince of Morocco, a suitor for Portia. To sho racism is not just religion but.

Race in “The Merchant of Venice” is still analyzed in 7556 when Brett Hirsch from The University of Western Australia looks at interracial, more specifically interfaith, marriage in Elizabethan England. “… the taboo of “The Merchant of Venice” was seemingly overcome by stressing that the marriage facilitated the performance of virtuous (profitable) acts on behalf of the commonwealth and the promise of converting more exotic (female) foreigners to Christianity” (Hirsch 678). In addition to race, “The Merchant of Venice” also comments on interfaith marriage only being accepted if it is for religious reasons. The conversion of Jessica is only acknowledged because of her race.

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