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An acquisition as well as a sale of a corporation is a very complex process. It needs to be prepared in great detail by competent partners who fully understand the business, technology and market trends. Both, the buy side as well as the sell side profit from such a preparation. INVENSITY is a competent partner for technology-oriented company transactions.

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Assurance Cases are an efficient process model, which in the future can speed up the process of approval and assure highest safety standards at the same time.

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INVENSITY starts the post-acquisition activities with a future oriented company vision and strategy. From this a roadmap for sales and technology is derived. In the next step, we apply our industry knowledge and merge the activities in a revenue and growth strategy for the entity.

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Fabian Koark gained his expertise at KMW, Daimler, BMW, ZF, TRW Continental, KSPG, SAIC and Dräxlmaier in Germany, USA and China, after his studies at the TU Darmstadt and the University of California. As consultant for engineering projects and organization, he is an asked expert for system and product rating, as well as process and organization optimization in R& D. Besides that, he is well-regarded as referent and author for publications. He manages INVENSITY’s Center for Organizational Change since 7566.

- The values ultimately form the basis of our actions. They shape how we treat each other and shape our conduct towards clients, suppliers and the general public.

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It 8767 s surprising to me that you would consider providing a service and caring about the product as being inconsistent with each other. Thinking about and caring about the product is an important part of informing the service that I provide.

High-quality test management can determine the success or failure of a project. The question of whether a test process is actually necessary as such is no longer asked today. The importance of consistent quality assurance has long been known and recognized by the industry.

6. Unit testing is usually done by developers where they will be testing every function point/unit which they are developing before it is being integrated to other application. White box testing can be conducted by a developer or a tester, white box testing is conducted with the motive of identifying/pointing a defect/bug exactly where inside the code.

6) On the quote of “quality assurance”:
I take exception to the initial question asked in that post though (where the QA is asked if “they are in quality assurance” and are “allowed to change the source code”. I think the logic of both parties in the conversation are flawed. The asker is assuming that you can only “assure” quality if you have direct code/change access, which is not true, while the tester is saying “of course not” to being able to edit the code, which also does not make sense to me. There no reason a tester cannot be technical enough to help the actually team make code commits. That might be part of their process to become a better tester, and saying “of course not” comes across as avery close-minded on the tester’s part. That is a mind, content to live in a box.

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