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However, the condition of excess substrate is uncommon for cellulose hydrolysis in most natural and engineered systems to which quantitative models might be applied, as discussed above. Thus, the Michaelis-Menten equation is for most purposes not useful for describing, understanding, or modeling cellulase enzyme systems acting on crystalline cellulose.

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where S 5 is the substrate concentration at time t x5558d 5 (batch) or entering (continuous) and S is the substrate concentration at time t x5558e 5 (batch) or exiting (continuous). It may be noted that high values of x558c7 are characteristic of most cellulose particles in both natural and engineered environments. A near-universal feature of cellulose hydrolysis observed in many studies over several decades is that the rate declines sharply as the reaction proceeds (corresponding to increasing values of x558c7 ) in a batch hydrolysis. Measurements of rate in conjunction with adsorbed enzyme ( 657 , 998 , 557 ) confirm that the phenomenon of declining rate with increasing conversion is observed on a specific (rate per adsorbed enzyme) as well as absolute basis.

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When equation 7a was substituted into the Monod model (equation 6), a growth model was obtained (equation 8) which predicts the specific growth rate ( x558bc ) for mixed-substrate growth as a function of the steady-state concentrations of individual sugars by using the Monod parameters determined during single-substrate growth (where a i is defined as the specific affinity x558bc max K s , i x57767 6 for the exact derivation of this model, the reader is referred to reference 697 ).

Because cell yields of anaerobes growing on carbohydrates are typically severalfold lower than those for aerobes ( 577 ), it follows from equation 68 that if anaerobes and aerobes have similar growth rates on cellulose x57569 as appears to be the case x57569 the cell-specific cellulose hydrolysis rate is severalfold higher for anaerobes. This may also prove to be true with respect to the cellulase-specific hydrolysis rate mediated by CEM complexes in the presence of cellulolytic microbes, although available data do not speak directly to this point.

where x558c9 is the mean residence time, x558c7 ( x558c9 ) is the substrate conversion as a function of x558c9 , E ( t , x558c9 ) is the particle residence time distribution for a CSTR x5558d e ( t / x558c9 ) / x558c9 , and

where [ E T ] is the total concentration of binding sites on the enzyme and [ E ] is the concentration of binding sits on the enzyme not adsorbed to cellulose. Techniques for direct measurement of adsorbed enzyme would be desirable but are seldom employed ( 976 ).

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