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Heads will definitely roll…maybe even your own! This is Sleepy Hollow’s premier haunted attraction, right in the heart of the village. Most nights SELL OUT IN ADVANCE.

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The main attraction is Sleepy Hollow's association with Washington Irving's short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", so visit the old churchyard where the Headless Horseman purportedly rests. If you look hard you might find the headstone of Catriena Ecker Van Tessel whose anglicized name, Katrina Van Tassel, appears in Irving's story.

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“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” thought to have a source in a German folktale, tells the story of Ichabod Crane , a greedy and naïve schoolmaster from Connecticut who tries to win the hand of the flirtatious and very wealthy Katrina Van Tassel. Brom Bones, a neighborhood hero, is also in love with Katrina, and he has a tendency to play pranks on others, which will come to haunt Ichabod soon enough. Ichabod is especially fascinated by ghost stories and witches, and Sleepy Hollow is known for its supernatural activity--especially its infamous ghost, the Headless Horseman.

The next day, nothing is found of Ichabod but his hat, and next to it lies a smashed pumpkin. Ichabod is never seen in Sleepy Hollow again, and Brom Bones soon after marries Katrina. The townspeople blame Ichabod s disappearance on the headless horseman, but Brom seems to know something more.

He finds the path home dark and eerily quiet. He tries to keep himself from getting too scared, but soon after he has passed the possibly haunted Major Andre’s tree, he sees a large, dark figure looming nearby. It does not respond to his call, but as he passes by, it starts to move and joins him on the path riding a large, dark horse. Ichabod is greatly disturbed and tries to shake off his pursuer, but he fails. Finally, he notices that the rider has no head on his shoulders the head seems to be sitting on the saddle in front of the man. Ichabod tries to get his decrepit horse to run home as fast as it can, but he is not a skilled rider and the horse resists.

Washington Irving's short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is set here and in Tarrytown. In the story, "Sleepy Hollow" is the valley of the Pocantico River, now largely occupied by Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and Rockefeller State Park Preserve.

The weekends prior to Halloween are filled with events [86] that tie in to "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". If possible, make advanced reservations as most events fill quickly. Adjacent Tarrytown , setting for portions of the the legend, is also home to numerous October events. To avoid disappointment, call in advance to confirm dates and times. Most events require reservations or advance tickets.

Why does 8775 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 8776 remain the original American fright-fest, inspiring interpretations and homages from Disney and Tim Burton to Kanye West to FOX? The answer has less to do with pumpkins or decapitated soldiers and everything to do with Irving 8767 s language of pestilence.

Sleepy Hollow’s most famous supernatural phenomenon is the ghost of the Headless Horseman, said to be a Hessian soldier who lost his head to a cannon ball during the Revolutionary War. The Horseman is seen most often riding by the church, where local historians say he was buried. He is believed to be always in search of his head. Ichabod is fascinated by this story, being especially interested (and prone to believe) in tales of the supernatural.

Each of the five stories in our ENCORE!!™ collection has a flavor that highlights the versatility of five great authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, . Jacobs, Guy de Maupassant and Mark Twain. Their timeless glimpses into the human experience are brought to life on the stage.  Click on each title below to link to each story in its entirety.

The tale thus brings a love story and a ghost story together, but most of all it is a comic tale. The plot appeals to common sentiments, but the story makes fun of communities that are so sleepy that they need ghosts and ghost stories to keep people occupied. It also makes fun of a schoolmaster who is supposed to be one of the smartest people in the town, yet he believes in ghosts and is easily spooked and tricked by a practical joke. The man of letters plays second fiddle to the athletic, strong Brom Bones.

Katrina Van Tassel, a beautiful woman of eighteen, is one of Ichabod’s students. She is also the only child of Baltus Van Tassel , one of the more successful farmers in the area. Ichabod is quickly taken in by her flirtatious charms, but it is when he first visits her father’s abundant farm that he considers himself truly in love with her, or at least her likely inheritance.

One night, after a party at the Van Tassels’ at which Katrina probably rejects Ichabod (she might be in on Brom s plan), Ichabod finds himself joined by a dark figure on a large horse on his ride home. He cannot shake his unwanted companion, and Crane eventually realizes that the horseman has no head. Ichabod does his best to escape, but just when he expects the Headless Horseman to disappear, the ghost instead throws the head at him, knocking him off his horse.

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